The Mountain Series


As I mentioned earlier, this was a year of mountain adventures, starting way back in June with my climb of Mount Rainier. By my count, I visited five mountain ranges between June and October: the Cascades, the Rockies, the Alps, the Appalachians and the Southern Alps. All have their own beauty and challenges.

I wrote three features for Gear Patrol that were packaged together as “The Mountain Series” and laid out in such a way that they really showed off the photography. While I took the photos for the Bugaboos trip, my wife, Gishani, was along for the Alps and White Mountains hikes and her photos really take it to the next level.

I can’t say that 2014 will bring as many mountain adventures as this year did–that would be nearly impossible to do.  But after a few years of doing mostly underwater exploring, it was nice to vary things a little and get in to the high country.


One response to “The Mountain Series

  1. The Bugaboos are on my short list. I was reading about a fairly easy rock climb to a summit with a dramatic view, basically a granite spire with a backdrop of glaciers and crags.

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